Silver chain Rollo, 380-420 mm

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Accessories embodied in precious metal will be a great addition to any image.

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Jewelry don't like:

• To wash, because they can become darker (better take them off before bathing)

• To get dirty (because they'd need to wash)

• To contact with chemical and cosmetic products

• To stay in the sun, because they can become less colorful

• Kicks and falls (these actions can deform the product, cause chips and cracks)

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Silver chain Rollo, 380-420 mm is a beautiful accessory that will complement any image. You can buy Silver chain Rollo, 380-420 mm with delivery directly on the website. Silver chain Rollo, 380-420 mm from the UmaUmi Accessories collection is love embodied in precious metal.
Silver chain Rollo, 380-420 mm is in stock.
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