Braided bracelet YAM the donut

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A symbol of connection, a charm and a favorite thing! Charming images, embodied in jewelry, will be a wonderful addition to the image.

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Jewelry don't like:

• To wash, because they can become darker (better take them off before bathing)

• To get dirty (because they'd need to wash)

• To contact with chemical and cosmetic products

• To stay in the sun, because they can become less colorful

• Kicks and falls (these actions can deform the product, cause chips and cracks)

You'll also get:
Braided bracelet YAM the donut is stylish jewelry you can buy on our website. They will harmoniously complement any image. Braided bracelet YAM the donut from UmaUmi Magic Seven collection will decorate a child's hand at any event. The bracelets are specially adapted for children: beautiful, light and comfortable. A jewelry string or chain reliably fixes the product on the hand and prevents its loss, and also allows you to adjust the size - it "grows" together with your little star.
Bracelets – design for stylish and bright ones. On UmaUmi website, you will find a catalog of high-quality fashionable children's bracelets. Our children's bracelets look charming on hands, you can buy them online at a good price. Bracelets is a great surprise for any occasion.
Bracelets from UmaUmi is real jewelry for children. Braided bracelet YAM the donut is in stock.
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