UmaUmi Jewelry Tips

Friends, we often receive questions about our jewelry: Is it okay to sleep in children's silver earrings? Or swim in a necklace? Why does the metal tarnish and earring pins become deformed?

That's why we have compiled a guide with answers to the most pressing questions for you. So please, take 5 minutes of your time, read it thoroughly and let your favorite jewels shine and please your starlets for as long as possible!

What are the features of UmaUmi jewelry?

To begin with, we don't make scaled-down copies of adult pendants, bracelets or earrings, but we make jewelry specifically for kids. The sizes and proportions are worked out so that they look harmonically on little ears, hands and necks and do not hurt the child.

For example, the parameters of our poussette earrings:

  • pin 0.9-0.95 cm;
  • pin diameter 0.8-0.9 mm;
  • 4.5 mm thread.

Fine and thin, that's right!

That's why children's silverware should be handled with utmost care, starting with unpacking it. Normally happy owners of new jewelry take silver earrings out of the box sharply and at an angle, grasping the decorative part and not taking into account that they are tightly fixed in the foam, and also connected by a thread with a seal and a tag. Then you risk deforming the earring or tearing the clasp off from the thread. It is necessary to carefully take the jewelry out through the special side holes in the foam, taking it out of the box beforehand.

What is UmaUmi jewelry made of?

We use sterling silver (925 sample) and 14K gold (585 sample). Jewelry meets all international standards. So when you ask if it is true silver or gold, you can be 100% sure of the answer: "Yes!"

925 sample is when the alloy has 92.5% silver.
And our jewelry has even more – up to 99.06%!

To keep jewelry from darkening over time we coat each piece with a layer of rhodium, which shields silver from environmental influences, keeps the brightness of our jewelry and ensures better durability. In fact, rhodium-plated silver is more valuable than ordinary silver because rhodium is one of the most expensive metals in the world (this is also the answer to the question about the price of the jewelry: quality has a corresponding price).

How to wear children's earrings correctly?

Many people ask whether UmaUmi can be used as the first earrings, because a girl will be so pleased to get a stylish and beautiful jewelry. We recommend it to everyone: let the ears heal completely first! Everyone reacts to metals differently, and this should also be taken into account. When everything will be okay, it is appropriate to please your baby with a precious gift.

Our poussette earrings are fixed according to the width of the earlobe and fit snugly without shifting. They are fastened with screw clasps. Certainly, in comparison with clasp-fasteners it will take a little longer to put on and take off the jewelry, but it is much more convenient to control the fit of earrings to the ears, and that’s safer. Moms approve!

Important: screw the clasps carefully, try not to break the thread on the pins and not to deform them (there is such a risk if you hold the earring by the decorative element and screw the plug with force and at an angle).

The main principle of treating children's jewelry – as a child:
gently and carefully.

Is it okay to sleep in children's jewelry?

If you wear your jewelry all the time without taking it off at night, it can get damaged. We remind you that the pins are very thin, for children's ears, and with threads that reduce the density of the metal. And during sleep the products can get caught in the bed, pajamas or hair; babies sometimes sleep with a pen under their ear, and this can also provoke unwanted consequences.

And dermatologists warn that children's earrings should be regularly purified and the place of puncture should be kept clean to prevent infection. Yes, silver and gold are considered hypoallergenic, but do not forget that the materials include impurities, and silver also oxidizes when used. Therefore, we advise you to watch out for skin reactions: for example, if there are microtraumas in the place of puncture, bloodstream can cause oxidation of metal and, consequently, inflammation.

How to wear silver jewelry?

Sometimes people send us pictures of darkened jewelry asking, "Why is this like this? Are you sure it's silver?"

It's definitely silver.

Though rhodium plating is quite hard-wearing, it also requires care. Unfortunately, even super-protected silver can lose its original appearance when exposed to certain substances. An expert examination of such damaged pieces of jewelry usually show that they have interacted with some oxidizing agent (iodine, chlorine, creams, household chemicals, etc.) that can cause rhodium to peel, darken the metal, change the color of enamel and cause other problems. Rhodium can also begin to peel because of prolonged contact with the skin (sweat, sebum secretions).