How to choose jewelry for a child: important tips

How do you make a child happy not only on a holiday, but on an ordinary day? Of course, give them a decoration!

The first precious ornament in a baby's life is usually a body cross. After all, christening is a solemn event not only for the mother, but also for the child. And every year there are more and more holidays, which means there are more occasions to give your child a precious gift.

Sooner or later the parents have the question: “When can I give the first ornament to the baby?”

In fact, the answer is simple. Give jewelry to children at any age, because they are sure to feel the joy of such a gift and keep bright memories in their hearts for life. Especially girls – little princesses are particularly fond of jewelry.


When choosing jewelry for a child, you should pay attention to such details:

1. Product weight

We advise to buy not very heavy jewelry for children. A pendant with light weight will not restrict a child's movements, and the chain on which the pendant hangs will not burden the baby's neck and prevent chafing.

2. Product length

Children very rarely sit in one place – they need to move all the time. Jewelry on a long chain can interfere with this and cause different kinds of injuries. With elongated earrings a girl can get caught up in fabric and hurt herself putting on clothes. Therefore, the best choice for little fashionistas are stud earrings. They have a special pin designed for a snug fit to a child's ear and comfortable putting on jewelry.


3. The shape of the jewelry

The rounded shape, without sharp corners, is best for children. This shape of products is the least traumatic, because the most important requirement for children's jewelry is safety. Besides, rounded jewelry looks more stylish and elegant and corresponds to the Western fashion trends.

4. Clasp

Before you buy jewelry for your child, be sure to check the clasp. Try unbuttoning and fastening the item and make sure that the child cannot remove it on their own. Cases of children unbuttoning and swallowing clasps and even chains are not isolated. Therefore, you should be especially careful with jewelry, which a child can take off by himself. Take care of your children!

5. Strength

When buying your child a pendant on a silver chain or on a leather cord, make sure that they are thin but also strong enough. That way, if your baby accidentally gets caught and tears the chain or lanyard, they will not be injured. Bracelets should be strong, but not rubbed on the wrist. And one more important caveat: it is best to choose products with adjustable size. Children grow very quickly, and we buy jewelry not for one day.


6. Appearance

Jewelry for a child should be no less stylish and beautiful than that of a mother. But too big items on baby girls look inappropriate and even vulgar. For children, bright and positive jewelry that complement their image and do not turn young ladies into adult ladies is fine. And to make children's jewelry look no less attractive than its adult counterparts, they are covered with colored enamel and decorated with stone inserts.

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