Why is silver better than gold?

Fashion dictates new rules, and the jewelry sphere does not stand aside. No one will be surprised by gold jewelry anymore, except for something unique – products that have not yet become mass-produced.

The trend is silver which you can change every day, the trend is to be stylish, not “expensive”, the trend is not to spend a lot of money on jewelry, the trend is lightness and simplicity.

But we still decided to investigate which is better: silver or gold.

It used to be that one could determine a woman's social status based on the material of her jewelry. At that time it was not a question of what one liked more and what one had in mind. The rich wore gold and the more modest wore silver. It was not even a question of “today I will wear gold and tomorrow I will wear silver, because it suits my image better”.

It's good that time changes everything, and now we rely on our taste and preferences. But which metal is better, let's figure it out.


  1. Gold jewelry is considered to have greater status and is a symbol of success and wealth.
  2. Gold is in perfect harmony with precious stones.
  3. It is also rumored that gold increases immunity and relieves chronic fatigue, depression, and promotes forward movement.

Silver, on the other hand, although similar to white gold, has a number of completely different properties:

  1. Silver has long been used to purify water – a silver pendant or spoon was dipped and left in a container of water, and it prevented the water from becoming turbid and spoiling.
  2. Silver is an indicator of health. If silver darkens frequently, it is an indicator of health problems of the wearer of the jewelry.
  3. Silver is said to have antibacterial properties. It used to be that people would hold it to a sore spot and it would make everything go away. But nowadays, not many people know about this property.
  4. Silver is stronger than gold. Both are considered to be soft metals, but silver is stronger. True, if a child wants to bend a piece of jewelry, he can do it with both gold and silver :)
  5. Silver is cheaper – for the same money as gold, you can buy a lot more beautiful silver jewelry.

The debate about which metal is best – especially for children – never ends. So we suggest you weigh the pros and cons and decide what's right for you.

Affectionately, UmaUmi

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